We've been in your shoes. Entrepreneurship is Hard. Finding market fit is a big challenge. Its lonely at the top. 

If you are in Enterprise, B2B or B2B2C and have a fantastic team - we can help!

Bringing 20 years of experience in engineering, product, sales, business development and entrepreneurship - we will help you find market fit and a sustainable & repeatable sales process.


We work with corporate innovation teams to understand their needs and bring you to the discussion at the right time. Open doors and enable growth. 

We are not just investors. We become family.



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Serial Entrepreneur who loves helping great companies grow.
Advisor and Speaker on Innovation, Experimenting and Re-Inventing to achieve growth.
Selected as 40 top women to watch in 2016 and Business Insider Silicon Valley Women of Influence for 2017.
F-16 Flight instructor in the past and the first woman to become a Commander in-charge of training of all F-16 pilots in the simulator Israel.
Bringing 20 years of engineering, product, sales, operations and entrepreneurial experience to help great teams build amazing companies. 
Featured in media: Forbes, Tech, Globes, KDOW Radio and more.
Founder & CEO, Stiya - Re-Inventing House Hunting with automation and AI (Acquired)
Founded Quali NA and brought it to $15M yearly revenue.
Growth and technical sales lead in Verisity (acquired $300M). 
Intel - Innovation and future products development and deployment including M&A (Prover Technology).
Engineer, Ironman-finisher, World Traveler and Mountain Climber. 
Always pushing the limits and Breaking Barriers.




Its time to jump in the water.
You need to stay innovative but not sure how.
How can you find the innovation you need?
How can you adopt technology while serving your current customers and not impacting revenue? 
Whether you are in Cloud, Data Center, Automotive, IOT or looking for automation and AI to speed up processes -
let us help. 
We'll understand your needs and personalize a visit. 
Founders could come to your facility OR
We can invite you to a tour of Silicon Valley or Israel -
to see the innovation for yourself! 
Lets Talk!